Frequently Asked Questions


No, we do not bill hourly, but charge a flat fee. Almost all of our services include unlimited phone calls and emails under 15 minutes. We will let you know before we perform a task if it will incur an extra charge.

Free! It is so important for you to get to know us and we to get to know you. We want you to have the best experience possible using our services, so it is very important that we have an initial consultation to make sure L&H is the right firm for you. If not, we can help provide alternative solutions.

We can meet in person if there is a specific reason, but most everything we do can be achieved via video call, phone call, or our client portal. If you do not like to work that way, we may not be the firm for you. That is ok. Let us know and we will help you find alternatives.

We are a team so when you sign up for any service with us, you will work with all of us. Please see our About Us page to learn more about our team.

Yes, our client portal is supported by Taxdome. Please see our client portal page for more info.

Our drop off hours change by season. Please see our drop off hours below. If you need to visit our office outside of these hours, please email or call 817-831-0097 for options.

January 15 – April 15 and August 15- October 15
Monday – Thursday 9-5 PM

April 16 – August 14 and October 16 – January 14
Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 3 PM

Individual Tax Returns

That depends. Our range for individual tax returns is $500-$3,000 based on the complexity and number of schedules and forms required for your personal taxes. If you would like a more specific quote, set up a free consultation here and upload a copy of your most recently filed return in our client portal. Please do so by creating an account here

At L&H, we want to provide a high quality service and we do that by limiting the number of returns we prepare each season. Limiting the number of returns allows us to provide a more personalized approach and we are able to communicate more effectively. This means that it can cost more to get your return prepared with us than another CPA. If getting your return prepared for the cheapest amount possible if a priority, our firm may not be the best fit. That’s ok. We can help you find an alternative.

We communicate via email and the client portal to get your documents and gather information needed to prepare your return. Once we have assessed all of the information, we will provide you with a draft of your return. Next we can either schedule a time to review your return together or we can send it for you to sign. If you would like more details about the process, please check out our individual tax process page.

That depends on the time of year. Once we receive your documents, our goal is to get it back to you within two weeks. However, during our busiest times it can take three to four weeks or more. We prepare returns based on when the last document was received. Once we receive your last document you will be placed in the queue to have your taxes finalized. We will communicate with you along the way so that you know what is going on at all times.


An extension takes stress out of the tax return process. The tax code allows for an automatic six month extension. You are legally entitled to it. The extension is an extra layer of protection so that you do not have to worry if something happens last minute or if the IRS makes a mistake. This also allows our firm to process more returns before the deadline if we do not have to stop early to process extensions. If an extension is not for you, that’s ok. There are plenty of options outside of our firm that can help you process your return with no extension. Please contact us if you would like a list of resources.

Over 10 million extensions are filed every year. Having an extension on file with the IRS makes the process less stressful and protects you from filing late. There is no downside to filing an extension.

Yes, absolutely! In most cases, if you send us your documents before March 15, it is very likely you will file before the April 15 deadline.

There is no interest or penalty for filing an extension, but there is a penalty if you do not pay your taxes due by April 15th. When we file your extension we will calculate an estimate that will keep you from having to pay any additional penalties or interest, but you must make that payment before April 15th.  If you normally get a refund you most likely will not have to make any payments before April 15th.


Happy holidays, and thanks for visiting our website! Below is our holiday closure schedule. We believe in taking a few days off to spend time with our families and friends. We hope you do as well!

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