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Everyone wants more cash flow, stable wealth, and better business margins. Few people now what numbers to focus on to create those results. Everything we do is directly designed to improve the numbers in your financials that matter most.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

The number-one cause of business failure is inadequate cash flow. Careful documentation of income and expenses is essential to making wise financial decisions for your business. If you’re not sure where your money is going or how to predict your cash flow, you need an expert assessment done.

Lloyd and Hodge is pleased to offer cash flow and budgeting analysis. With our insights, you can decide where to spend and invest your money, plus cut costs for greater profitability.

Entity Selection

Being a business owner comes with so many choices, including how your business is structured. The structure you choose for your business will not only help you stay protected but can also have major tax consequences.

We can help you determine and select the most advantageous entity structure for your business. Not only can this help protect your business, but it will put you in the best position for long-term success.

Entity Restructure

Did your business recently acquire or merge with another? Is a new investment or refinancing impacting your organization? Restructuring your business entity and its assets can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. You can count on Lloyd and Hodge to plan and execute a successful restructure.

We’ll help you optimize cash movements among various groups, reduce management costs, and minimize risk from certain assets. We can also help you restructure to comply with new legislation or regulations. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Business Best Practice Coaching

Are you working in your business or on your business? Constant development can drain your energy and prevent you from maximizing your profits. You need to focus on strategy, ideation, and growth — and you don’t have time for that if you’re also juggling administrative tasks.

With business best practice coaching through Lloyd and Hodge, you’ll learn how to create your framework for efficient business leadership. Identify opportunities for outsourcing, map out your strategic goals, and create a growth plan with our expert guidance.

Ownership Changes & Transactions

Selling or buying a company? Changing the executive roles in your LLC? Along with ownership changes come adjustments in liability, pass throughs, and other complications. Ensure that all changes are documented and filed accurately with Lloyd and Hodge.

We’ll also show you the best options for selling or purchasing ownership stakes, while preserving and growing the company’s value. You can rely on us for expert valuation leading into any ownership changes.

Retirement Strategies & Succession Planning

When it’s time to retire or pass your business onto a successor, everything from retirement payouts to ownership transactions comes into play. Deciding how to distribute business assets and transition to new owners is emotional and complicated. Get expert guidance from Lloyd and Hodge. We’ve overseen hundreds of succession transfers and are happy to help you make the best decision for your business’s future.

Buy vs. Lease Analysis

When it comes to making decisions about equipment, vehicles, or even offices, you’ll have to choose whether to purchase outright or if it may be better to lease.
While there are some significant benefits to owning, those investments might limit your ability to invest in your business itself. It can be difficult to plan long-term growth if you are only renting, yet purchasing may prevent you from scaling up operations at the right time.
At Lloyd and Hodge, we’ll conduct a full buy vs. lease analysis to help you make an informed decision. Everything from interest rates on your commercial mortgage to projected leasing costs over time goes into our report. We’ll ensure that you make the decision that best supports your business.

Rental & Investment Property Planning

If you’d like to generate additional income, rental and investment properties can be a lucrative pursuit. However, there are lots of considerations to make, such as the upkeep costs of the property, property taxes, and the ROI on capital improvements. You’ll want to be sure you can effectively market and lease the property to meet your revenue goals.

Count on Lloyd and Hodge to plan out your investment property. We’ll help you make sure your property is legally rentable and can generate income for you. Plus, we’ll ensure that your taxes are properly paid and that you can take advantage of any benefits or incentives.

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