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Tax Services

Most people want to make more money but they don’t know what numbers to focus on to guarantee more cash flow. We identify your key numbers and work to improve them all year-round, while still keeping you compliant.

Tax Preparation

Properly preparing your taxes is essential to your business’s health and future. Depending on the complexity and location of your enterprise, you could have dozens of forms to file, from employee and contractor documents to charitable contributions to cash flow statements. Inaccuracies could increase your tax liability or cause late fees. 

Ensure that your taxes are prepared correctly with Lloyd and Hodge. We’ll manage your forms, ensure their accuracy, prepare your return, and reconcile your statements. Get peace of mind that your taxes are done right: choose Lloyd and Hodge!

Tax Planning

Changes to tax laws, potential transfers of ownership, and multi-state operations can all impact your business’s tax liability. With proper planning, you can manage your effective tax rate and reduce your costs. Tax planning services from Lloyd and Hodge are designed to protect your business’s financial future while maintaining compliance with all laws and regulations.

Whether you’re planning for growth, naming a successor, or expanding to new states, Lloyd and Hodge is here to protect your business’s bottom line.

IRS Relief

Has your business become overdue in taxes? Have you suffered losses due to the pandemic or other factors and aren’t sure how to pay your IRS bill? Tax relief can help you stay afloat while you bring your business back to financial health. Our consultants at Lloyd and Hodge have helped hundreds of businesses get relief from burdensome tax bills. 

With our assistance, you can recover your business. We’ll either help you catch up on overdue taxes, get them removed from collections, or work out a settlement. From there, we can help you plan out a better tax plan to prevent future issues. Reach out today to discuss your options for IRS relief.

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We use the latest in technology and security so we can handle your accounts remotely without ever needing to make a trip to our office!


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